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Predicting The Liar - Images Retail Magazine
April 2015
"Tell me something about yourself", "Take me through your career graph", "Let us begin with your detailed introduction" - this is how majority of the personal interviews start and we as interviewers make at least 50 per cent of our mindset about the next part of the interview where we say: "Nah, this candidate is not what I am looking for" or "Yes, this is the kind of professional I was looking for".
Rediscovering Learning @ The Workplace - Perfect Professional
5th March 2015
Learning is a continuous, voluntary and long-term process. It needs to be seen as relevant and important for employees and must not be thrust as a mandate by leaders or managers.
Five ways to upgrade your business development skills - Economic Times
2nd March 2015
Business development function has witnessed nearly 9 per cent jump in demand in just three months (Dec 2014-Feb 2015), says TimesJobs RecruiteX data.
Motivated Employees - Retail Success Mantra
5th Dec 2013
With the opening of FDI, growing consumerism, unprecedented awareness, and a youth-hefty customer base, India is perceived as 'the most promising land' for the global and domestic retailers. Retail is one of the highly manpower-intensive industries.
Emerging Role of HR in Today's Retail World
Nov 2013
Many retail organisations have now realised that their success, to a great extent, is dependent upon the performance of their HR department. Such companies will succeed provided they employ and retain talent by following best HR practices. The article delves into the significance of HR department and the challenges it faces in the retail world.
Men Appreciate L&D in Retail Sector more than Women
15th Oct 2013
When it comes to learning and development in media sector, whom does the sector offer better opportunities; males or females? According to data, male candidates are offered better learning and development opportunities that their female counterparts. Of the entire male candidate base in retail sector, 37% rated learning and development to be the best feature of retail sector.
Changing Role of HR
1st Aug 2013
The human resources department is viewed as key to a retailer's success and is no longer viewed as simply performing a 'support' function. The retail sector in the country is characterised by experimentation and risk taking, and the resulting implications for HR managers to recruit and retain suitable employees to support this growth model, is now viewed as key.
Motivated Employees - Retail Success Mantra
July 2013
Motivated workforce is vital for the success of any retail business. retail managers are therefore required to think out of the box and consider various creative job motivators in order to keep their employees happy and positive as it will increase productivity and lead to a profitable business.